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Mullein Leaf Tea - Respiratory and Lung Cleanse Herbal Tea

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High QualityWe carefully select high-quality mullein leaves to make tea bags without any additives, bringing you wonderful mullein herbal flavor.

Natural Ingredients100% natural mullein leaves, no caffeine, no gluten and no artificial flavors. You can enjoy a cup of delightful herbal mullein tea at any time of the day.

Health Support Our mullein tea is full of aroma and has many health benefits. It can promote digestion, anti-oxidation, reduce mucus and help throat.

Lung CleanseThis delightful mullein tea is rich in vitamins and minerals that can cleanse the lungs, support respiratory health, and relax the body.

Brewing TipsAll you need is some freshly boiled  water and  a  mullein leaf tea bag, then soak for 3-5 minutes. You can add lemon, honey or other herbs according to your preferences. This will give you a soothing and refreshing experience.


Benefits of Mullein Tea:

Lung cleanse

Mucus relief

Support respiratory health 

Improve digestive function

Soothe and relax the body



Ingredients100% Mullein Leaves

NET WT2.8oz/80g40 tea bags



Please seek the advice of a healthcare provider before using this or any other herbal product, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any health conditions. Some herbal products may affect certain medications.