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Tart Cherry Drops Supplements to Help Support Immunity

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Product Detail:

Brand name: iMATCHME

​​Package included: 50ml​​

Ingredients:​Purified Water,Organic Vegetable Glycerin,Tart Cherry Exect,Vitamin C,B12,Organic Citric Acid,Potassium Sorbate.​​

Shelf life:2 years​​


1. Boost your immunity.​

2. Sleep aid. Regulate the sleep cycle and wake up quality sleep.​

3. Contribute to the production of red blood cells and promote metabolism.​

4. Relieve joint pain and improve mobility.​​

About tart cherry drops:​

Need some soothing support? Whether it is your feet, joints or general pain and soreness, we believe that herbal methods are the best way.​​-A natural source of melatonin, allowing you to sleep better. Tart cherries are a well-known source of natural melatonin. And this is just one of the many incredible benefits it has for your health.​​-Alcohol-free liquid formula, before extracting the active ingredients in the ''cold pressing'' process, gently soak and brew our formula. Many liquid formulas are made with warm alcoholic extracts, which can burn fine ingredients and make them ineffective.​​-Meticulously sourced and tested ingredients! Our products are manufactured in the United States and have been tested by a third party to ensure purity and safety.​​
Instructions for use:​

1 ml (10-20 drops) 2 to 4 times a day, shake well. Self-adjustable according to your own situation
​​Package included:
Storage method:
Keep in a cool, dry place and please sealing.