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iMATCHME Organic Dried Flower Buds&Lavender Buds

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Product description:

Type: dried lavenderflowersbuds

Size: 50/100/200g

Grade: 5A Grade Autumn Flower/ Food grade Dried lavender flower

Ingredient:100% natural lavender flower buds

Natural and adorable looking bring warm and romantic in your home or office

Suitable For:Home, Table, Wedding, Party, Meeting Room decor, Drink,Bath,Foot Bath

Applications scene: office,leisure, bedroom, living room, coffee table, windowsill,Balcony and so on.

Application holiday:Wedding, Party,Mother's Day,Christmas day,Valentine's day, Thanksgiving Day,New Year ,birthday gift and So on.

Lavender Flower detail Effects:

1. Refresh, and enhance memory; on the study of great help.

2. Relieve nerve, builds character, with the promotion of sleep magic.

3. To promote blood circulation, cure acne, nourish hair.

4. Modulate physiological functions.

5. Strengthen the immune system.

6.To maintain respiratory function, on the nose and throat mucositis have a good effect, can be used to bath.

7. Prevent viral infectious diseases.

8. Remove the odor, clean the air.